As of Fall 2019, I am an associate professor and the graduate coordinator in the Philosophy Department at West Chester University of Pennsylvania.

From May-July 2019 I was a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Memory in the Philosophie, Pratiques, et Langages lab at the Université Grenoble Alpes.

My primary research is in philosophy of mind and epistemology, though I also have research interests in philosophy of psychology and philosophy of language.

My current projects examine the nature and epistemic significance of remembering. In particular, I look at how the empirical science of memory helps us to understand what it is to remember facts (e.g. that Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States), objects (e.g. one's cat), events (e.g. last week's BBQ) and properties (e.g. the color of the getaway car).

Presently, I teach general education courses that cover topics in philosophy of mind, personal identity, free will, ethics (western ethical theories and applied ethics), and the language, logic, and psychology of critical thinking. During spring semesters, I also teach a graduate course on analytic epistemology.